“Grilled Corn” @ Alexandria Film Festival

We invite you to attend the screening of “Grilled Corn” directed by “Karin Ali” within 8 short Egyptian films which havebeen selected to participate in

3738life @ Youm7 e-Journal

Mariam & Karim decided to change the reality of culture in Egypt. Check out this new media coverage for “3738life” in “Youm 7″ e-Journal =)

3738life @ Al-Watan Newspaper

New Media Coverage @ Al-Watan Newspaper discusses 3738life projects & thoughts. Click Here to check it out !

3738life @ HelioPolis Child Library – Cairo

At 21 May, 2012. 3738life had another Recycling Workshop In HelioPolis Child Library. We started at 1 pm & Our mission was to recycle Different

Mariam Selim’s New Painting [Takween] At 52th Al-Tala’e3 Gallery

Mariam Selim is Participating in 52th Al-Tala’e3 Gallery with her Newest Painting which is called “Takween”. The Gallery lasts for the end of May, 2012.

[Pictures] : Moscars Al-Hurria Film Festival, Round 2

For more Information about the festival, Award Winning Films, & Media Coverages, Please go to The Festival’s Official website: http://moscarsfilmfestival.3738life.com

[Media Coverage] : 2nd Moscars Film Festival @ Al-Mal Newspaper

The festival this year hosts more than 100 films in the official competitions in the festival, including documentary films, feature films, animation & this year

[Media Coverage] : 2nd Moscars Film Festival @ Al-Shoruk Newspaper

3738life group organizes the 2nd round of Moscars Al-Hurria Film Festival at Heliopolis Library from 10 – 15th of April 2012,  in all fields of

Selim Album – Mariam Selim – 2012

3738life group releases its first music album on the 18th of April 2012 entitled “Selim” The album consists of some international pieces performed by Mariam Selim

“Insat” (Listening) – Mariam Selim’s New Painting Work

Mariam Selim’s new art collage piece named “Insat” which means listening it discusses the idea of gathering paper pieces that forms the way for the